At the U.S. embassy in London, Africans demand “Drop the charges against the Uhuru 3!”

LONDON-Africans from London, Germany, the Congo, and Papua New Guinea called out the FBI, the agency of the colonial government from the United States, for attacking the Uhuru Movement in July 2023. As we know, the United States of America, through its colonial State apparatus, has continually worked to slander and incarcerate African people fighting for justice, liberation, the right to free speech, and reparations.

The march occurred in Washington DC, Sierra Leone, Los Angeles, California, and Pretoria, Occupied Azania (South Africa). Worldwide, Africans were organized to speak out against the oppression of Africans in the U.S., as well as the settler-colonial genocide occurring in Palestine.

“They want to silence the voices of the re-emerging anti-colonial Black Movement in the USA and the world,” stated Luwezi Kinshasa, Secretary General for the African Socialist International.

Surrounded by the heavily armed London colonial police, we didn’t let ourselves be intimidated. With banners, flyers, and chants, the conveyed message was clear! “Hands Off Uhuru, Hands Off Africa!” With chants such as, “Drop all charges against the Uhuru 3” and “Hands Off Chairman Omali; drop the charges now!”

The attempted legal lynching of the FBI mobilized Africans throughout the world. It showed that African people are united to fight against the colonizer and that we recognize the colonial mode of production as the reason why we are dispersed and treated as second-class citizens everywhere they were displaced.

It doesn’t matter where we are and which nationality the colonizers gave us. Africans understand that once the colonizers touch one of us, they touch us all!

The messages impacted the pedestrians who stopped to record and talk with the Uhuru Movement mobilizers intending to understand the reason for the mobilization, and some of them were interested in joining to be members of the Uhuru Movement – Europe Regional Committee.

Brick by brick, wall by all, the colonial system must fall was the last message of the Uhuru Movement in London after hours of enduring cold weather and the colonial police intimidation.

No colonizer will stop us!

Africans united, fighting for liberation!

FBI! Drop the charges now!


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