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In 1496, the Portuguese came to Africa because they were looking for a work force to create and develop their farms. They arrived at the Vuri coast, and they discovered that the Vuri River was full of prawn. They called that river “Rio dos Camerones,” which means “Pawn River.” From Camerones came the name Cameroon.

So when some man calls me Cameroonian, it means he is reducing me to that little aquatic animal that is nice in European food. I have decided to be bitter in their mouth until they will vomit me.

We are not Cameroonians. We are Duala.

After the Berlin conference, they came back with their weapons trying to divide us, developing corruption and division among our ancestors. The Germans took 80 percent of that land, and the United Kingdom took 19 percent.

After the imperialist war, the 80 percent that the Germans controlled went to France. That part remains in their hands and in their pocket, and they call us French people. I’m an African. I am not a Frenchman.

The Union des Populations du Cameroun (Union of the Peoples of Cameroon or UPC) was born in clandestinity on April 10, 1945.

Ten years later, because of their resistance, the French decided to eliminate that party. They decided to eliminate the leader of the UPC.

In the bush, Ruben Um Nyobe, who was the secretary of that party, was betrayed and killed by French people. Felix Moumie was killed with poison in Geneva by a French agent posing as a journalist.

Then they came into Cameroon working with the sell-out African from our land, where they cut off Osende Afana’s head in his own village.

Before they executed Ernest Ouandie, they asked him to make his last prayer and to close his eyes. He said, “I will die with my eyes open, but I want you to know one thing. My body will die, but the UPC soul will never die. Our students will continue this fight.”

So our ancestors, our grandparents and parents, were fighters. So we are still fighting until we win.

The others that were fighting with Moumie went into exile. Now some of them have passed away. Others of them are old and physically tired, but they are still fighting. We are educated by them.

“France, Germany and the United Kingdom are the imperialists that we know are exploiting Cameroon, but we know that all of the imperialists are united for their interests. So we can’t say it is just France or the UK. It is all of them and we are against all of them. ”

In 1990, I was a student. We decided to fight for democracy and total independence of our country just as our grandparents and parents did. In our own land we were refugees. People think that there is no fight in Africa, but that is wrong. It is imperialist ideology.

They teach Africans in other places that our ancestors were corrupt and sold them into slavery to create division. What I know is that we have the same color, we have the same blood, we have the same ancestors, we belong to the same land. We are Africa and Africa must be free.

Paul Biya is not our president. There is no rule in Cameroon. That man is a traitor designed by France to represent imperialist interests.

He has no legacy for himself. His belongings and his bank account are here in the United Kingdom, the United States and Geneva.

When he dies he will have no tomb in that land. He may have a tomb in France, but not in Cameroon.

France, Germany and the United Kingdom are the imperialists that we know are exploiting Cameroon, but we know that all of the imperialists are united for their interests. So we can’t say it is just France or the UK. It is all of them and we are against all of them. (Applause)

When I heard our brother Omali speaking yesterday about our situation and explaining the strategy and tactics of the fight, I was happy because I was coming here because of the tactics and the strategy for victory. We have to achieve what our ancestors have started. It is our duty.

Brothers and sisters, thank you very much. It is a pleasure for me and I will go back to Sheffield with a joy that we are now thinking of the tactics and strategy.

And the good news is that UPC is not dead. They have a problem of organization because they had to leave their own country, but the UPC is not dead. It will never die until the imperialists and their servants are erased away.

I was not there when they started the fight, but now I am. There are so many brothers in Cameroon who want to build the real UPC working with our brothers and sisters everywhere in the world to build one continent.

We are Africans, and Africa will be free.


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