APSP on the ground providing revolutionary leadership in Baltimore, MD and throughout the world!

The U.S. police—the first arm of defense for the colonial State— has murdered another African. This time the victim was 25-year-old Freddie Gray, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Freddie’s murder stemmed from an encounter with the Baltimore police on April 12, 2015 that resulted in the fatal spinal cord injury which caused his death.

Freddie’s “crime” in one of the largest cities in the country with a 63.6 percent black population, is similar to Emmett Till’s who was murdered in Mississippi in 1955 by a white lynch mob for allegedly whistling at a white woman:

He made eye contact with a white cop and started to run!

Neocolonialism is a glaring factor in this particular incident

The African People’s Socialist Party identifies neocolonialism as white power in black face.

Neocolonialism is employed by the oppressor when the consciousness of the oppressed makes it impossible for the oppressor to rule in his own white face.

Neocolonialism is an attempt to confuse the oppressed into thinking that the rotten relationship between us and our oppressor has changed when the only thing that changed is the complexion of the person sitting on top of the relationship.

Black cops were involved in Freddie’s murder. Baltimore’s mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, is black. Marilyn Mosby, the prosecutor whose job it is to send Africans to jail, is black.

Brigadier general Linda Singh, the national guard head sent by her colonial boss with Humvees and military personnel armed to the teeth to shoot down the young Africans who are resisting their slaughter in the streets at the hands of the U.S. colonial State throughout this country, is black.

Black power requires black power leadership!

Various church leaders, gang members and a prominent so-called “militant” organization linked arms and formed a line to carry out their neocolonial role of protecting the police from the people while pretending to protect the people from the police.

They insult the intelligence of the people!

Their protection of the community, if it was real, would have been evident when the State murdered 30-year-old Trayvon Scot, 19-year-old George V. King, Tyron West, Anthony Anderson or the 31 other Africans who were killed in Baltimore between 2010 and 2014.

Uhuru Movement and Black is Back Coalition organizers descended on Baltimore immediately after the police murder of Freddie Gray, armed with banners calling for “Black Community Control of the Police (BCCP),” “Know Your Rights” cards and The Burning Spear newspaper.

BCCP is an anti-colonial demand from the Black is Back Coalition of which our Party is a member.

BCCP exposes the State and the opportunism among the so called black leadership and gives the power to the oppressed—the people being policed—to determine how our communities are policed and who will do policing.

BCCP takes the people off the defensive!

The resistance of the Africans in Baltimore interrupted business as usual, forcing the city’s major league baseball team to play a fan-less game in their home stadium and to move one game to St. Petersburg, Florida’s Tropicana Field.

St. Petersburg, Florida is the headquarters of our Party, which organized a militant demonstration overnight.

Demonstrators flanked the entrance of the stadium chanting, “The number one terrorist in the world today is the police, the police in the USA” and “What do you want, WE WANT BLACK COMMUNITY CONTROL OF THE POLICE!”

APSP demonstrators were in the streets in Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; St. Louis, MO; Oakland, CA; Stockholm, Sweden and London, UK as well.

Our message to our oppressors is despite their neocolonialist strategy, working class and poor Africans, under the APSP, will resist oppression everywhere we are located and we will win our freedom! We are winning!

Raise the demand for Black Community Control of the Police.

Justice for Freddie Gray!

Justice for Tyrone West!


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