APSP Northern Region leads powerful Uhuru Book Fair!

On September 18, the African community along with independent vendors from far and wide congregated at Philadelphia’s Clark Park to sell to each other, buy from each other and take concrete steps toward building our own independent African economy. Under the leadership of the Northern Region of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), this event represented a great success in the African liberation struggle.

Culture lit the stage on fire!

Culture lit the stage on fire! Not literally, but you get it

While vendors vended, we were entertained, educated and even given a workout by African cultural workers. Throughout the day, mesmerizing artist after mesmerizing artist took the stage and blew the audience away.

Karen Smith and Friends gave a powerful drum performance. Amari Rebel mobilized us to stand up and fight back with his unique “Revolutionary Rock” style.

We even closed out our day with an artist leading the entire audience in a dance routine. It was better than the Cupid Shuffle at your family cookout.

On the ones and twos, our very own Comrade Cota, alongside veteran DJ Lexx, gave their debut DJ set, keeping the vibes going between performances.

In addition to musicians, local African authors were given the opportunity to share and promote their latest works. The culture was truly a sight to see, and the creative brilliance of our people was put on full display.

Chairman Omail Yeshitela on the importance of an independent African economy

Chairman Omali Yeshitela was the keynote presenter at our marketplace. Below is an excerpt from his presentation where he salutes the vital role African women play in the African community and emphasizes the Uhuru Marketplace as a strategy for African liberation:

“I want to appreciate all of these incredible African women who are participating as vendors today. While we appreciate the participation of the women, it shouldn’t be looked at as something unusual or unique.

“I listened to a brother a moment ago, talking about the poverty of women who are participating in various areas of production… the truth is that African women have been foundational to the political economy of the African community historically.

“Women have been the backbone of the economy, and what we have here at this One African, One Nation Marketplace today is the liberation of African women to re-enter productive economic life on their own terms—to make their amazing contribution to African economic development that is so important for our success.

“The One African, One Nation Marketplace is an incredibly significant marketplace. Up to now, you’ve heard remarkable culture.

“You’ve seen examples of what African people can do—will do—when we’re unfettered by the oppressive, exploitative structures imposed on us by a foreign and alien power.

“That’s what colonialism is—being oppressed by a foreign and alien power. And this is not just a market.place that’s bringing people together, this is a market.place that is intentionally and consciously about negating the economic power and influence of foreigners and aliens against our people.

“This is a process for African people to consciously come together, not just to “buy black” —we hear that all time—but to buy Black Power!

“This is part of the process of an anti-colonial movement to push the colonizer out. This is what allows genuine economic development to circulate within our communities.

“It’s extremely important to understand that this is a whole new era in history where the oppressed are beginning to take back our own resources around the world. It’s become increasingly impossible to control the people with guns alone.

“More than two trillion dollars was spent by the United States in Afghanistan and it didn’t work. The U.S. invaded Afghanistan and overthrew their government and ruled for 20 years.

“After 20 years of putting something like 300,000 soldiers from the Afghan population in Afghanistan to fight their own people; after 20 years of the U.S.’s muscle and all the U.S.’s guns and economic power, the impoverished Afghan population rose up and pushed the U.S. out of Afghanistan.

“So this story that you hear about how you can’t win because ‘they have all the guns, well the truth of the matter is that all the guns that the U.S. took to Afghanistan have made the Taliban one of the most powerful military forces in the world because now those guns are controlled by people who want to be independent, want to be free and have determined that they will not live under colonial occupation anymore.

“This is a new era. This is our era. People all over the world are taking back their resources and taking back their freedom and that is what the One African, One Nation Marketplace is here to do today.

“This is not just a place to come out and get some books, though we want you to do that. This is not just a place to come out and enjoy remarkable cultural performances, though we want you to do that.

“But it is a conscious move to negate the political and economic authority of a hostile, foreign and alien power that dominates African people here and throughout the globe.”

Help us build for next season!

Our 2021 marketplace season has come to a close but this is only the beginning. The Philadelphia One African, One Nation Marketplace is a strategy for lifting our community out of the poverty and despair put on us by this system, and we’re calling on all members of the African community in Philly and beyond to help build an even greater marketplace season next year.

Are you a vendor? Sign up to become a vendor at uhurubookfair.blogspot.com/p/vendors.

Are you interested in helping to promote the marketplace, doing outreach around your community or helping to set-up/break-down on the days of the marketplace?

Are you just a member of the community who wants to help build the marketplace however you can?

Register for our community meetings at tinyurl.com/oaonmeetings.

This is bigger than a marketplace, this is a strategy through which the African community will put an end to the colonizer’s economic oppression of our community and build a thriving African economy.

Build the One Africa, One Nation Marketplace! Build the independent African economy! This is a new era—our era!

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