APSP calls African Liberation Movement to task to build revolutionary party!

On February 18-21, 2012 the African People's Socialist Party USA (APSP USA) will hold its National Plenary in St. Petersburg, Florida to define the work of the Party in this period and mark the 40th anniversary of the Party's founding.

For the past 40 years, the APSP USA has been a consistent force providing practical and ideological leadership in the struggle to free African people from the yoke of parasitic imperialism, a system that built and maintains wealth for white people in North America and Europe through the stolen land, labor and resources of Africans and other oppressed people throughout the world.

The National Plenary is a tool often used by the APSP USA between its congresses, the place where the entire organization comes together to establish policy and elect leaders. At the plenary, the Party examines its work since the last congress and assesses the world situation, making any necessary adjustments to its work to meet its objectives.

Plenary happens in midst of imperialist crisis

This particular plenary will occur under political conditions where we see the entire African world under assault. The imperialists recently carried out the brutal murder of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi through the use of their proxy Transitional National Council. The Egyptian military is murdering African people every day and still, the people keep rising up.

In the U.S., Africans are reeling from the largest loss of African wealth in history through the sub-prime mortgage scam.

There is however, increasing signs of resistance such as that in St. Petersburg, Florida where three colonial cops were killed by Africans within one month's time in early 2011.

The entire imperialist world is in crisis. It is in crisis as a result of the ever-growing resistance of the peoples of the world.

Imperialism's crisis, our opportunity

For the oppressed, this period of imperialist crisis represents great opportunity. It is an opportunity to finally overturn the parasitic relationship that imperialism has imposed on the rest of the world for the past few centuries.

For oppressed African people to take advantage of this opportunity requires recognition of what is necessary to win our freedom. It is no longer enough to be forever tied down chasing single issues unconnected to a general strategy for our liberation.

There are many issues like police brutality, colonial prisons, inadequate housing and a myriad of others that impact on our people, but the fundamental problem which all of these stem from is the fact that our right to power over our own lives was taken from us.

The era of Party-building

The task for African people, if we are to be free, is to win power. In the absence of a struggle to win power in our own hands, our work would be reduced to asking our oppressors to impose a more benevolent oppression and exploitation on us.

To win power requires building an organization, a revolutionary party of dedicated, disciplined forces whose primary objective is winning power in the hands of our people.

This National Plenary will be calling to task our Party and the African Liberation Movement in general to take on this most significant task for our movement in this period. We must build the international African revolutionary party that will lead our struggle to liberate and unite the African nation, which finds itself dispersed all over the world and divided by colonial borders and identities imposed on us by colonizers for their own benefit.

This does not mean that we don't take on issues like police violence and the death penalty. What it does mean, however, is that as we take on these issues, our work is informed by a greater strategy that goes beyond solving a particular incident or issue. Even as we struggle to win victories in these cases, our work will be informed by our task to build an organizational capacity to seize power in our own hands so that there will be no more Troy Davis or Mumia Abu Jamal cases.

Join and become part of APSP's longstanding history!

The African People's Socialist Party USA has recognized this need for many years. Its work and long history of struggle and victories in cases like that of Dessie Woods and Pitts and Lee, its development of the revolutionary theory of African Internationalism, its recognition of neocolonialism long before white power even appeared in the black face of Barack Hussein Obama and its work in the development of the African Socialist International is an indication of this recognition.

The APSP USA calls on all Party members, allies, activists and others who want to seize this time of opportunity and join in the revolutionary struggle for African Liberation to participate in the National Plenary of the African People's Socialist Party USA in St. Petersburg, Florida on February 18-21, 2012. There is no more significant place to be at this time.

Build the Revolutionary Party for African Liberation!

Join the African People's Socialist Party USA!

Build the African Socialist International!



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