April 6-7 Uhuru Radiothon needs your support

On April 6-7, Burning Spear Media will hold it’s annual Radiothon fundraiser. It’s a 20-hour 2-day online broadcast of special guests, music and a showcase of the African liberation programs and campaigns of the Uhuru Movement.

Tune in for highlights of your favorite shows:

  • “Caribbean Forum,” with award-winning actor and journalist Ron Bobb-Semple bringing news, culture and analysis.
  • “Omali Yeshitela Speaks,” with excerpts of classic and up-to-the-minute speeches.
  • “Africa Live,” with reports from around the African world, from Haiti to London, Sweden to Washington D.C., West Africa to Chicago.
  • “Reparations in Action,” on the African People’s Socialist Party’s strategy for involving Euro-Americans in the struggle for African Liberation.
  • “Diasporic Music” with award-winning broadcaster Norman (Otis) Richmond aka Jalali hosting an all-African mix of music and politics, "made in the West but not of the West."
  • “Golden Sunday Sounds,” delivering a delightful mix of music and talk, hosted by Ron Bobb-Semple with special guest Chairman Omali Yeshitela.

Be enlightened and inspired by specials produced just for the 2013 Radiothon:

  • “Africa’s Future in African Hands,” showcasing the work of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project in healthcare, agriculture, clean water and sustainable energy – organized by African engineers and scientists for the benefit of African communities.
  • “African Resistance Now,” with highlights of the 2013 Convention of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement.
  • “African + Economy = Africonomy,” presenting a new vision and program for African-led economic development, laying the foundation for an independent, united and prosperous Africa.
  • “African International,” a mix of today’s music from throughout the African world, hosted by Maitho Adabuwale.

Why should you give?

Burning Spear Media is your media. It’s not the media of the white ruling class. It’s not the media of the sell-outs. It’s the people’s media, telling the truth about the oppression of African and other colonized peoples and what we need to do to get free!

It is The Burning Spear newspaper, the longest running African revolutionary journal in continuous publication since the 1960s. It is Uhuru News, the Online Voice of the International African Revolution. It is Uhuru Radio, bringing you news, music, analysis and information every week, to every corner of the African world.

When Philadelphia mayor, Wilson Goode, ordered an aerial bombing of the African community, it was The Burning Spear Newspaper that took the unpopular but correct position of “criticizing our first black mayor.”

When African Socialist International Chairman Omali Yeshitela was banned from FM radio and from speaking at certain colleges, it was UhuruRadio.com that established an archive with over 250 speeches by the most advanced theoretician and visionary leader of our times.

When Africans are struggling in isolation in Africa, South America, Europe or the streets of the U.S., it’s UhuruNews.com that tells our stories, brings us together and builds our movement for freedom and independence.

“In the concentration camps they call prisons, The Burning Spear newspaper is our bible, our lifeline,” wrote one African prisoner.

We need your support to survive and grow. You don't have to pledge to white agenda media networks that make empty promises to represent your interests. Burning Spear Media is by and for African working people talking about our reality, our conditions and our goals for freedom and liberation.

We aim to raise $15,000 in immediate and monthly donations to fund our operations for 2013, the year of the African People’s Socialist Party’s “One People, One Party, One Destiny” Recruitment Campaign. 2013 is the year that Uhuru Radio will be upgrading, with a new and improved sound and a more interactive website. We will be applying for an FM radio license in St. Petersburg and other cities.

Here’s where your donations will go towards:
• New mixing board = $300
• 1st new microphone = $600
• Radio automation software = $500
• 3 refurbished computers = $270
• Remote broadcasts = $150
• Promotional materials = $400
• Engineering study for St. Pete FM license application = $500
• Computer monitor = $100
• 2nd new microphone = $600
• Soundproofing for Radio studio = $5000
• New computer = $700

Tune in April 6th and 7th for our 2-day Radiothon and pledge your support.

Donate now and avoid the rush. Contribute online at http://uhurunews.com/radio/subscribe

Or send a check or money order to:
Uhuru Radio
1245 18th Ave. South
St. Petersburg, Florida 33705

Spread the word! Tell your friends. Organize a viewing party.
Liberate your media with your dollars!

If you’re in St. Petersburg, come to the Uhuru House at 1245 18th Ave. South and be part of the live studio audience. Meet the people who make Burning Spear Media happen. It’s an Open House with refreshments and a tour of our facilities.

Spread the word. Africa is on the rise and the future is black!


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Support African Working Class Media!

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