Another police murder of young African comes to light in Oklahoma


OKLAHOMA CITY—In the wee hours of the morning of October 5, 2015 in Midwest City, Oklahoma another young African, 18-year-old Charles A. "CJ" Pettit, Jr, was gunned down with his hands up. He was shot by African pig, James Hill, a rookie with the Midwest City Pig Department.


It was reported that Pettit, Jr., and an associate were walking down the street when they were profiled and confronted by Midwest City pigs. It was a case of stop and frisk and that of Africans being the usual suspect. 


CJ and his associate fled and were then hunted by the police. They split up and ran for their lives. Pettit, Jr., attempted to hide behind a garbage bin when Hill demanded that he come out and put his hands up.


CJ stepped out and Hill opened fire on the 18-year-old. Hill shot him at least 10 times. CJ was rushed to the hospital where he spent 18 days in ICU fighting for his life. On October 23, 2015, Charles A. Pettit, Jr., died from injuries sustained from James Hill's assault.


Hill was given a two week paid vacation as a reward while the Pettit family has received no closure and no information. Since, the death of their son, the Pettit family has been constantly followed and harassed by pigs.


His father constantly receives hate mail on social media and his personal phone. In a telephone interview with this writer, the senior Pettit said he has witnessed Midwest City pigs sitting outside of his home, which is outside of their jurisdiction, in attempts at bullying him.


The Midwest City Pig Department has produced no evidence to back up Hill's story that Pettit Jr had a gun. Pettit has been told story after story and each time, something has changed.


The story has changed from them having video to photos to back to videos, none of which have been released for public viewing. Some witnesses have even stated that Pettit Jr., did not have a gun.


The story of young Africans being brutally murdered, like Charles A. Pettit, Jr., has become all to common in African communities all over this country. How many more of our children have to die before we start supporting Black Community Control of the Police?


The family of Charles A. Pettit, Jr., is calling on the African community for help spreading the word about their son. The family wants to force an independent investigation. Despite what becomes of the investigation, Charles Pettit, Sr., states, “my message is, the measure they took to kill my son was unnecessary and laws MUST be changed to prevent this from happening to another child.”


You can help the Pettit family by contacting the Oklahoma County district attorney David Prater at (405)-713-1600 or visit his office at 320 Robert S. Kerr, Room 505. Oklahoma City, OK 73102 and demand that he turn over the videos and still photos.


You can also help the Pettit family by donating to the family's court fees and other expenses. You can send any donation to Mr. Charles A. Pettit, Sr at P.O. Box 55713 Oklahoma City, OK 73155.


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