An InPDUM Chicago update for March 2014

Chicago, IL—The frost is now thawing; it’s time to hit the pavement to continue building the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) in Chicago!
Over the winter, we’ve been connecting to the community thru ‘Talk of the Town’ open mic events, featuring artists, poets, comedians and other entertainers, as well as having open discussions on the liberation of African people.
In January, we braved the below zero temperatures to attend a Martin Luther King march led by Marissa Brown and the Washington Park Freedom School. We attended to remind Chicago that the U.S. government murdered Dr. King, and to uphold the African red, black and green flag, as a symbol for a united Africa and African people.
At the Washington Park Freedom School, Comrade Zenobia Spencer teaches youth about hip-hop history and how it can be used as a tool to organize, unify and uplift the African nation. Zenobia Spencer will also be performing live hip-hop here in Chicago on March 31, 2014 at Subterranean.
On February 21, our African Martyr’s Day event at the House of Culture focused on African freedom fighters local and international who paid the ultimate price in our struggle for freedom. It is important to celebrate our African martyrs to remove the fear of death in our struggle for freedom and self-determination.
The dehumanizing conditions and policies imposed on Africans in public housing units will be fought this year by the educated participation of the residents fighting in their own interests. The Marshall Fields Gardens will become liberated territory because the masses of Africans here will make it so.
Recently, a security staff-person at the Marshall Field Garden’s housing pulled a gun on a 13-year-old African. InPDUM Chicago will organize political action.
On Saturday, April 12, 2014, President Waleeah Brooks and a member of the IEC will come to town for the African Community Convention Pre Convention Tour!
During this Tour, we will organize African students, prisoners, those struggling for housing and the international SGL African community. We will also build the organization necessary to surge victories on these issues, and forward the struggle for freedom and self-determination of the African working class worldwide.
The 2014 International InPDUM Convention will be on September 20-22 in Newark, New Jersey.
This July, we will travel to St. Petersburg, Florida to train and study to become real revolutionaries, increase our discipline, skills and understanding of African Internationalism during the month-long Cadre-building program of the African People’s Socialist Party.
If you are interested in attending, please let us know so that we can arrange travel plans accordingly.
The struggle for freedom and independence needs your participation.
For more information, contact InPDUM Chicago at (773) 717-2492,
Join the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement! Build wherever you are!
Attend the April 12 African Community Convention at the Washington Park Freedom School Chicago!
Block By Block, City by City, Let’s Get Organized to Liberate the African Community!


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