ALD Paris organizing committee wins Movement Unity Award!

The African People’s Socialist Party’s Chairman, Omali Yeshitela, is granting the very first ever Movement Unity Award for outstanding teamwork to the committee that built the African Liberation Day (ALD) event in Paris in June 2012. It is an award presented to a group
of comrades whose outstanding performance and accomplishments together or with
other comrades warrants recognition.

ALD Paris was an event of historic proportions — the first ever African Liberation Day in France — that has forever changed the political terrain in France and in Europe and which created an indelible mark in the struggle for the liberation of Africa and African people everywhere.

Our Party and the entire African Socialist International are proud of the leadership and commitment displayed by this young, new, enthusiastic and hard-working team whose work should serve as an example for both new and veteran members of the Party and Party-led organizations!

The work of the team upholds the principles of the Party’s One People, One Party, One Destiny Campaign that calls on the masses of African people and their allies to take the highest stand of cadre in the struggle for independence in our lifetime. width=”350″ />

Comrade Markus provided dynamic leadership to the ALD committee.

The ALD-Paris committee, headed up by Comrade Markus Kothner, brought at least 250 African people together for a powerful program that united many democratic African forces and organizers together with Chairman Omali Yeshitela and other Party leaders, winning them to the understandings and goals of African Internationalism. The agenda also served as a platform to defeat idealistic and petty bourgeois political lines and to bring many forces into the fold of the Uhuru Movement.

The committee attempted to deal with every aspect of the work of building the ALD event with professionalism and accountability. From raising the considerable resources needed to bring speakers from the U.S., to coordination of logistics, housing, transportation and security, the team attempted to solve problems and meet their goals creatively and with follow-through.

Promotions for the ALD event were outstanding with an excellent video, massive social media work and thorough on-the-ground outreach on the streets of Paris.

The committee successfully coordinated comrades to bring a busload of people from Germany and won others from as far away as Sweden to attend the ALD.

We salute Comrade Markus Kothner, who as a very new comrade, took on his shoulders the ultimate responsibility of overall coordinator for the ALD event and who carried out his work with diligence and leadership, building a strong esprit de corps among all those participating.

Markus and comrade committee-member Unia Leti, who also shouldered much responsibility for the success of the ALD event, and who along with Akua Leti, spent six months going back and forth from Belgium and Germany to Paris to oversee the work to build the ALD event. width=”350″ />

Comrade Unia also shoulders much of the responsibility for the success of the ALD.

As part of this committee, comrades Mudjacka Mvunku, Jo Lugiery and Dushime provided outstanding video work prior to and during the ALD event.

Others who played a powerful role on this team were Lusila Ledu, head of the Paris Party LPO who coordinated the on-the-ground team from Paris, and Likay, who traveled from London to help comrades to carry daily militant outreach work around Paris.

We want to recognize the role played by young organizers such as Ankhet and Chloe, powerful young women who spread the science and art of African Internationalism with determination on streets of Paris.

We salute all the Comrades in the Paris committee, including Boubacar Diallo, who offered his home to comrades from Brussels and London so that they could carry out the work in Paris, along with comrades Ndudi Berthin, Aysteewan and Emery whose availability to drive comrades around Paris to get the work done was a concrete example of dedication to the liberation of our people. After their colonial jobs these comrades worked until late at night doing outreach and other tasks required to advance the work.

We give special acknowledgement to Letitia Mbumba and Faty Traore who cooked the delicious meal that kept everyone content.

Finally but not least, we want to show appreciation to the “Mosisa” group from Germany, whose African cultural fashion show overwhelmed the audience with elegance and beauty.

From the African People’s Socialist Party, we put forward our Uhuru Movement Unity Award to a team of comrades whose work and spirit of African Internationalism in practice is a shining example for all those who aspire to win.

One Africa! One Nation!



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