Aja Zola wins Comrade of the Quarter award

Here is an excerpt of what

Dr. Aisha Fields and Omowale

Kefing had to say:

Aisha Fields about Aja: Comrade Aja is a member of AAPDEP-Houston and serves as the chapter’s local Membership

Coordinator. Under Aja’s leadership,

AAPDEP-Houston has completed

all requirements for becoming an

official branch of AAPDEP. Al

though the branch has done fan

tastic mass production for several

years through their AAPDEP 5th

Ward Community Garden, the

fact that the members of Hous

ton AAPDEP have now formed

a formal branch-which required

ensuring all members’ dues were

paid up and that branch leader

ship roles were clearly defined

and addressed along with other

processes outlined in the AAP

DEP-Houston branch building

manual-displays in my opinion, a

high level of organization, follow-

through and attention to protocols

that Comrade Aja brings to our


In this period where AAPDEP

is working closely with the Office

of Economic Development & De

fense Fund (OEDF) to build AAP

DEP’s first economic institution,

Zenzele Consignment, Aja has

shown tremendous leadership!!

As AAPDEP leadership worked to

pull together a team to build Ze

nzele, Aja united with the Execu

tive Committee and took on the

responsibility of handling a key

role in our fundraising subcom

mitte: Auction Chair of our first

Zenzele Online Holiday Auction.

With only six weeks to build

a successful auction, there were

concerns that we may need to

postpone the auction and focus

on building it in 2015. However,

already having seen the serious

ness and commitment of com

rades like Aja and others who

make up the Zenzele Organizing

Committee, AAPDEP decided to

press on and make the auction

happen in December 2014. Let

me say unequivocally, that with

out the daily push from Comrade

Aja, consistently informing us of

the auction’s progress, including

donation monitoring with how

many were up on the site, daily

bid summaries, and providing

feedback on media promotions,

we would not have had the po

litically successful auction that we

ultimately had!

Aja became an expert at us

ing our online auction site. Com

rade Aja made calls, sent emails,

and managed FaceBook posts.

She encouraged other comrades

to follow her lead in her admin

istrative efforts. Her sense of

humor, kindness and hard work

were infectious, which makes

her a wonderful comrade for all

to work with. I have dubbed our

Zenzele Organizing Committee

as a Dream Team, and Aja is our


Omowale Kefing: Com

rade Aja is approaching nearly

one year of work with the Uhuru

Movement. Since that time she

has excelled at all the work she

has confronted. Initially Comrade

Aja came into the work as a mem

ber of AAPDEP-Houston and its

signature project, The Fifth Ward

Community Garden.

Although Aja lives some 30

miles away, she consistently

makes the meetings and the work

days in the garden. After a short

period of time, Aja was elected

Secretary/Treasuer of the lo

cal AAPDEP. This work included

handling and raising all the nec

essary funds it took to mobilize

a successful Junteenth AAPDEP

event, which featured Archie Bell

and other local artists and ven

dors. Several hundred people

attended this celebration which

allowed us to raise much needed


As Secretary/Treasurer, Aja

fought consistently for organiza

tion and a by-the-book relation

ship with the International AAP

DEP Committee, to which she

has been recently appointed as

International Membership



In addition to the Juneteenth

program which put us on track

for the One Africa! One Na

tion! Marketplace, Aja was in

strumental in organizing the

3000-gallon Rainwater Irrigation

System which safeguards the

Garden from draught.

During the Black is Back

weekend in D.C. comrade Aja

was here in Houston with the

AAPDEP comrades, where

she led a successful hands-on

training, of youth from one of the

local YES Prep schools.

Comrade Aja Zola is also

Secretary of The

Burning Spear


and Chief Proofreader. On

the Spear Team she also serves

as Chief Proof Reader. Comrade

Aja has been superb in her duties


The Spear

. We can depend

on Minutes to review our meet

ings and can now look forward

to meeting notices and agendas,

including text messages to all

Team members reminding them

of scheduled meetings.

As the winner Aja will receive

the following:

A $50 gift card

The Biko Lumumba Com

rade of the Quarter Plaque

An article in the




Recognition on Uhuru


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