Africans under attack in Forserum, Sweden

In Sweden there is a small town called Forserum. It is a small village in the southern part of Sweden.
There are neither many Africans nor non-white people living there.
Since the year 2010, over 100 Somali families have moved away from this village because of harassment by the local white community.
Today there are only around 60 Somali families still living there.
Africans there have been beaten and spit on. Some families have been threatened that their children will be raped if they go outside their homes.
Many people described it as living under house arrest. The children cannot even go to school anymore.
A sister even said that she was forced to pour milk on herself so that she would appear white and was threatened with physical attack if she did not comply.
This harassment has been happening to our people in Forserum for a long time.
Neither the media nor the white community responded until the Africans in Sweden actually started to organize and respond to this harassment.
Politicians have been trying hard to cover this up, saying that these problems are coming from a small group of white youth, when the reality is that the whole community is participating in these attacks.
We in the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement in Stockholm (InPDUM Stockholm) recognize that the State is not going to solve our problems, since it wants to maintain white power.
The only way we can solve these problems is by getting organized.
So we in InPDUM Stockholm are finding out what is really going on in this village and showing some solidarity with our people to let them know that they have support from Africans outside the area.
We went there and talked to the people to see what they had to say about the whole situation. The things we mentioned earlier are just a few of the stories they told us.
Many Africans here and abroad believe that our oppression is isolated and has no historical background.
However, we realize that this is not an isolated phenomenon, and that our oppression is global.
Because of this we must, when faced with these attacks, think globally and therefore organize globally.
InPDUM Stockholm has been gaining some new contacts in Forserum and from here we are going to see what we as an organization can do.
We have to fight for freedom!
We are one African people!
Uhuru sasa!


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