Africans rise up in Ferguson, Missouri after brutal police murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown

On Sunday, August 10, the African community of Ferguson, Missouri rose up against the State in protest against the police murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown.
By the morning of Monday August 11, the St. Louis County pigs had arrested 32 Africans.
The murder of Michael Brown took place just weeks after the release of a viral video of New York pigs choking Eric Garner to death while he gasped “I can’t breathe! and occurred within hours of the police murder of 22-year-old John Crawford in Ohio for supposedly “holding a toy rifle in a Walmart.”
The time interval between the killings of Africans in the U.S., documented by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement’s report “Operation Ghetto Storm,” stating that an African is murdered by a police or white vigilante every 26 hours, seems to be narrowing with each passing day.
As over two thousand protesters gathered for a prayer vigil, the police lined up in military formation bedecked in riot gear, making their clear statement that their role in the African community is to function as a colonial occupying army to extinguish any sign of resistance or insurgency.
By nightfall, hundreds of Africans had made their own statement as well: enough is enough. The police cannot kill another African man, woman or child without expecting consequences.
The uprising in St. Louis, demonized by the bourgeois media as a “frenzy” of “chaos” was broadcast on television showing Africans standing on police cars, turning over police vehicles and “taunting officers clad in riot gear.” At least 20 police vehicles were damaged.
Sixty additional officers as well as pigs from other jurisdictions were deployed against the African insurgency. At midnight the St Louis police sprayed tear gas on the Africans.
An African petty bourgeoisie spokesperson for the NAACP attempted to “calm down” the African workers as they shouted down the St. Louis pigs, but the NAACP’s efforts were in vain. Other opportunist forces such as Al Sharpton are now descending upon St. Louis to attempt to fix a muzzle on the African community.
The resistance of Africans in St. Louis against the colonial, murderous occupying force known as the St Louis police department is no different from the resistance of the Palestinian people against the illegitimate colonial occupying army of the Israeli Defense Forces.
Africans have the right to resist. Only when African people have self-determination and power over our own lives will there be justice for Michael Brown and the millions of other African men, women, children and babies whose lives have been destroyed by the white nationalist state.
Video showing the aftermath of the police murder of Michael Brown


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