Africans in Namibia call for march against NATO attacks on Libya


Editors Note:  The African Socialist International (ASI) unites with the African Internationalist stance of our comrade sisters and brothers in Namibia that this Call represents. It is a revolutionary stance that cannot be taken and will not be taken by the African petty bourgeoisie Heads of State that make up the Africa Union. Forward with the building of the ASI. NATO out of Africa!

WINDHOEK: The Pan Afrikanist Steering Committee of Namibia Against United Nations Resolution 1973 (PSCNAUNR) has called on the government to immediately demand that the United Nations General Assembly put an immediate cessation to the aggression and genocide against the people of Libya and Africa.

The committee has also called on the Namibian government and fellow members to recall Namibia’s ambassadors and to expel the ambassadors of countries that are directly involved in the bombardment of Libya within three days, until the war of aggression is called off.

In a statement issued on Monday, the committee expressed deep sadness at the appalling atrocities being committed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

“NATO is a protracted sponsor of mercenaries described as rebels by European governments to attack and kill, maim and destroy local infrastructures leading to ethnic cleansing where such people live in fear of their lives within Libya.

“This violates African human rights and violates the territorial integrity of Africa and its people. NATO will attack one state together while others watch; until their turn to be attacked comes and they will fight all by themselves and get defeated. No individual state can defeat these fellows,” reads the committee’s statement.

The committee said Europeans through NATO should not be allowed to ignore the African Union (AU) and override Africa in a second colonial bid.

“It is now clear that the motive behind Resolution 1973 was of a sinister nature in the first instance, representing a declaration of war as demonstrated by attacks and acts of aggression against a sovereign state of the AU,” according to the committee.

Thus PSCNAUNR charges NATO’s aggression is a crime against humanity.

It demands the immediate removal of NATO from the area and that they speedily be brought to justice.

The committee said the UN resolution was a deception and brainchild of the USA, France and Britain.

“A group of reputed warmongers are well known on the globe, who had indeed succeeded in fooling the members of that honorable council of the UN under the false pretense that the said resolution was for the protection of civilians,” it says.

In pursuit of justice, the committee demands that two permanent seats be created on the UN Security Council within the same time span it took to get Resolution 1973.

The seats would be for the AU and the Caribbean Union.

Moreover, the committee demands an immediate trade embargo and the freezing of all assets of those governments and their people that have declared war against Libya.

They called on the AU Assembly to effect this program of action without delay.

The committee called on the Namibian government and the AU to mobilize a national march (es) on June 11 against the UN, NATO, US, France, Italy and Britain’s program of regime change in Libya.

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