Africans in Chicago resist in aftermath of police murder of Raason Shaw

CHICAGO—On Saturday, March 28, 2014 at 8:45am, Chicago police murdered 20-year-old Raasan Shaw in broad daylight near his aunt’s house.
Described as a friendly and funny, Raasan was a popular person in the neighborhood who was well-liked by many.
Police shot Raason in the back and allowed his body to lie there for four hours in order to plant a gun on him.
When the community learned of the police murder of Raason, family and friends immediately began to stand against the police. The videos below show the anger and frustration experienced by the family and the African community's reaction to his murder.
“Yall police ain’t protectin’ nothing. Y’all killin’ us! All the officers, even the black officers out here actin’ a fool,” reported Ray Ray, Raason’s cousin, in an interview with Korvell Curry of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM).
Ever since the murder, police have made disrespectful comments to the family of Raason, and at least one SWAAT team has been reported circling the area.
Police have also torn down displays commemorating Raason’s life at the home of his aunt.
The propaganda branches of the Chicago police immediately began to fabricate the story. The ‘independent review authority’ and the ‘fraternal order of police’ have launched their campaign to vilify and dehumanize Raason, as they are more skilled at doing to African people than the KKK.
The courts of this country serve to justify the murders of Africans by the State.
Raason Shaw, Dakota Bright, Fred Hampton nor any other African can get justice in the U.S. court system.
For Africans to get justice, we need our own courts. We have to build our own power.
This is not a local problem. The international African community suffers from the same violence at the hands of the colonial police and military.
We have to get organized for self-determination. Your block must become liberated territory with the coordination and organization of your friends and neighbors.
Ignore the African petty bourgeoisie, AKA the ‘house negros.’ They are here to deter us from our goals of African community self-determination and self-governance. That’s power in our own hands for our own African people and nation.
Build the African power so that no matter how racist the police and courts are, that they can’t act on it without facing consequences as dictated by the African community.
The African nation has to be liberated, unified and organized under the leadership of the African working class.
The African People’s Socialist Party and its mass organization, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement works towards those goals.
Join revolutionary organization to build self-determination for the African nation. Build the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement!
Block by Block, City by City, Let’s Get Organized to Liberate the African Community!

Contact InPDUM Chicago at (773) 717-2492,

The African community stands up to the Chicago police


The African community mobilizes


The youth march for Raason Shaw


It's 'open season' on Africans


Korvell Curry of InPDUM calls for organization of the African community

InPDUM members lead a reading of the African Pledge style=”width:400px;” />



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