Africans from Congo demonstrate against the regime of Kabila and imperialist intervention in Africa

DUSSELDORF Germany – Africans from the Congolese community throughout Europe gathered on Saturday, May 28, at Düsseldorf to express their opposition to so-called national elections in the Congo, and to denounce the current brutal neocolonialist regime of Joseph Kabila.

The demonstration was convened under the chant and slogan, "Imperialism Out of Africa!“
Africans came from Belgium, Holland, England and were joined by those from Germany.

We met in an atmosphere of usual Congolese patriotic and awakening songs and chants.

This demonstration was one in a series of demonstrations that have seen the Congolese Patriots and Resistants (a group of activists of different political persuasions) going from country to country, to denounce Kabila.

After some discussion at the beginning of the march, the majority of the participants agreed that the African Socialist International’s (ASI's) banner better expressed the aspirations and demands of our people, and was therefore chosen as the lead banner.
For a time, the megaphone was monopolized by the elements of the Congolese petty bourgeoisie, whose political position was that Rwanda was the main cause of the economic crisis and humanitarian disaster in the Congo, and did not find it necessary to educate our people about the fundamental role played by Western imperialism.

After discussions within the group, Wabuza, the Uhuru leader in Germany, the megaphone was turned over to Wabuza to lead the chants of the demonstration.

Wabuza explained to the community that there is a group of people who are in the service of white imperialists but spoke in the patriotic language: “In fact, they have the same agenda as imperialism,“ he told the crowd.

He explained that one of the jobs of ASI is to uproot opportunism from within our

Our is to expose any social force that seeks to use the masses to resolve their own petty bourgeois class interest.

The real patriots are those who identify and fight all neocolonialists and opportunists.

The real fight is against imperialism One must recognise that imperialism is using the Congolese and Rwandese regimes to massacre the Africans in Congo.

To denounce the Rwandan neocolonialists without denouncing American imperialism that supports them militarily, financially and diplomatically is to cover for imperialism.

The crowd applauded by shouting “Uhuru! Uhuru!“ The march demonstrated once more that the ideological struggle is, more than ever, at the centre of our mass mobilization of the masses.
ASI is increasingly becoming more capable to engage in Europe to advance the international African revolution.



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