African workers in Azania starve during pandemic, We need Black Power!

The South African government has murdered around ten African people during this COVID-19 pandemic and continues to inflict brutal colonial violence on our suffering community.

The State continues to carry out colonial violence using the quarantine as the excuse. 

In the deeply impoverished townships of Sebokeng, Alexandra and Western Cape, the South African army has been breaking the arms and flattening the bodies of our starving people who are rising up in just resistance.

Here in Occupied Azania, African people do not have power over our own land and resources! This social system, parasitic capitalism, fattens its belly by stealing everything from us.

There is no economic life for African people because we serve as the economic base for the European world to continue functioning. 

White people live in riches while we struggle each day as colonized people. 

Parasitism is required for the existence of capitalism. This is why we suffer from hunger, malnutrition and are without medical care, shelter or clothing.

South Africa, as well as all colonial states do nothing but contain us. Not because of  Coronavirus but because they must keep African people away from our own resources, including each other. 

The African working class survives through colonially defined manual labor, of which we are barely paid and in unconventional forms, such as occupying space in the concentration camps to provide a labor reserve. 

This is what is referred to as “hustling,” which is the only form of labor most us are able to carry out to keep ourselves and our families alive. 

Only an African worker can imagine what it is like to go through colonial lockdown by the South African government for months without a source of income nor without the freedom to enjoy the fruits of our own land and labor.

The South African State and the neocolonial African National Congress (ANC) politicians blame the colonized African masses for the aggression being carried out against us during this period. They say it is our fault for not obeying bourgeois law. 

In order to cover up the economic impact of what colonialism is doing, neocolonial president Cyril Ramaphosa launched a plan to hand out food throughout the country. 

The food either arrived late, if ever or was rotten when it did. Local politicians are feeding their families by stealing from these programs, as usual.

The South African lackey government has made another promise to the oppressed “unemployed” masses of African people locked in the townships.

Their latest scam is to have African workers fill out online applications to receive 350 Rand, the equivalent of 19 U.S. dollars, in aid per month for the next six months!

To hell with their 350 Rand!

The government is running this new scam because it is trying to convince us that we need handouts instead of having power.

We are colonized African masses with no self-determination. Private ownership of resources, money or food is a product of capitalism. 

We want our land, our diamonds, our platinum, our oil, our stolen wealth and labor back. They belong to the African working class! Parasitic capitalism must go! 

We must organize for power in our own hands!

Africa is ours, all 30,000 square kilometers of it and we are organizing to take it back.

Because restaurants are closed in Occupied Azania, white farm owners have been throwing away food while our people starve!

This is another symptom of the parasitic system called capitalism. It means that African people are not only in danger from Coronavirus. We are in danger from what the African People’s Socialist Party calls colonialvirus.

Colonialvirus means that colonialism has drained African people of everything in order to build Europe and the comfortable life of Europeans. 

We are calling on African people in Occupied Azania to join the Uhuru Movement. 

We must organize to seize our own power to build Africa’s economy under the leadership of the impoverished people in the townships, the African working class.

African labor and resources built the wealth of Europe. Now we have to do it for ourselves.

Build the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) throughout South Africa.

Let’s get organized to take power in our own hands and throw off this parasitic economic system that has trapped us for centuries.

Build the Uhuru Movement in South Africa! 

Smash neocolonialism! 

Free the black working class! Uhuru!

Contact us: uhuruazania123@gmail or call 063 637 7014


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