African woman Symone Nicole dies in jail when sheriffs jail her instead of taking her to a hospital after car accident

Walker County, TX––Symone Nicole Marshall was driving with another passenger in her vehicle when she was involved in an accident on April 26, 2016.

Her vehicle flipped over several times before landing in a ditch. Waller County sheriffs arrived on the scene of the accident, however, instead of taking Symone to a hospital (standard procedure and the duty of the sheriffs after such an accident), Walker County sheriffs arrested Symone and her passenger, Amanda Arnold, and took them directly to Walker County jail. 

Fifteen days later, on May 11th, Symone died while still in jail.

Symone was 22 years old and the mother to a three-year-old daughter. She had just moved from Detroit, MI to Huntsville, TX two months prior.

After the accident, Symone and Amanda told the sheriffs that they had been run off the road by another vehicle.

The sheriffs never investigated who ran the two women off the road. Instead they charged the women with  “giving fraudulent names and possessing cocaine” and put them behind bars.

Amanda bonded out of jail the next day. Symone could not afford the $5,000 bond and so remained in jail until her death.

It is clear that the State has once again committed genocide on another African.

The State murders Africans with impunity

For over 600 years the colonial State has murdered African women, children and men with impunity.

The function of the State is to oppress Africans worldwide.

Clint McRae, one of Walker County sheriffs, lied and stated that the two young women signed medical waivers stating that they did not need medical treatment.

It is absolutely absurd that any person who has been involved in an accident in which their vehicle flipped over multiple times would not be taken to a hospital––whether they refused treatment or not.

Symone’s family says that she requested medical treatment several times from the Walker County sheriffs, but they refused to treat her.

Symone even spoke with her sister, Honey Marshall, over the phone from jail indicating how much pain she was in and how she needed medical treatment.

Honey stated that she called the jail herself to demand medical treatment for Symone. Again the sheriffs refused to provide treatment.

Symone’s father, Wayne Marshall, maintains that his daughter didn’t do drugs. He also pointed out that there has been no investigation as to who ran his daughter off the road causing their vehicle to flip over.

This is genocide

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) urges all freedom-loving peoples to support the African Charge Genocide campaign and sign the petition to charge the U.S. State with crimes of genocide being committed against the African population.

As Africans, we need to make the demand for Black Power. We are being murdered by police because we don’t have power and self-determination over our own lives.

There is no reform that can ever be put into place that will stop the State from killing Africans.

The African People’s Socialist Party provides Africans with the tools needed to overturn this imperialist system which has oppressed Africans for over 600 years.

Join the African People’s Socialist Party!

Sign the Africans Charge Genocide Petition!



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