African Socialist International condemns the coup attempt in Ecuador

The African Socialist International (ASI) condemns the coup attempt to overthrow the democratically elected president of Ecuador by sectors of the Ecuadorian army and police.

We oppose any reactionary violence, which aims to maintain status quo in Ecuador and throughout Latin America.

It is clear that this coup attempt is against the progressive agenda brought forward by President Rafael Correa, who has won every single electoral contest in the past four years.

He has brought in social reforms to benefit the poorest people in health care, education and housing.

He has introduced a new constitution, which increases the rights of Indigenous people.

According to the Washington Post, “He has been critical of the type of pro-privatization, free-market policies often referred to as the ‘Washington consensus,’ and he has taken bold if controversial moves in his mission against those he considers the corrupt rich” (Joshua Partlow and Stephan Küffner, Washington Post Foreign Service Monday, September 29, 2008).

We see the advent of governments of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and of course Cuba as part of oppressed nations struggle to regain our freedom, independence and resources at the expense of oppressor parasitic capitalist nations lead by the United States.

African People's Socialist Party – USA (APSP-USA) Chairman Omali Yeshitela's Political Report to the 5th Congress of the APSP sums up the current world situation and imperialism's response to it. He says, “The continued subversive efforts to undermine the movements toward independence and social democracy throughout South America — none of these imperialist efforts will succeed in changing the course of history that we in the African People’s Socialist Party have characterized as the era of the Final Offensive against imperialism…

“Increasingly the peoples of the world recognize US bluster and machinations as the desperate, near hysterical manoeuvring of a dying beast or, as the imperialist pundits like to say, of an empire in decline.

“There is no greater evidence of imperialist despair than the selection of Barack Hussein Obama by US white rulers as US president and chief imperialist public representative to the world.

“More and more, this effort to give imperialism the face of the slave is being recognized by the world to be the cunning act of desperation that it is” (

Obama’s regime is not a friend of oppressed nations and oppressed peoples anywhere on this planet.

He is a representative of the most aggressive imperialism the world has never seen.

Obama‘s regime has extended the US wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and the Congo in the form of permanent proxy wars that has killed over 5 million people and counting.

President Obama presides over a country that has a comprehensive domestic counter-insurgency policy, which has resulted in 2 million Africans in their prime jailed in the US.

We call on all freedom loving people in Britain to stand on the side of the people of Ecuador, and demand that the Obama administration abandon any interference in Ecuador politics and society, and withdraw US spy agencies from Ecuador.

We call on all African people to unite with the democratic aspirations of people of Ecuador and support the struggle to end status quo in Ecuador and throughout South America.

We call on every single African individual to unite with and join the ASI, the tool of the African working class and peasants to end the world of slaves and slave masters.

The ASI is an integral part of the ever growing forces of world liberation of oppressed nations to overturn imperialism and build a new world ruled by workers in alliance with peasants.

A conscious interconnection of the struggles of African people, oppressed Muslim peoples, indigenous people of the Americas and other oppressed peoples of the world is key.

Long live the struggle of the Ecuadorian people for control over their own lives and resources!

In solidarity!

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