African Resistance in DC apart of trend all over US

African Resistance Continues

Asafo Yerodin


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Last year, Lovelle Mixon in the Bay area of California in a righteous stand for resistance he ended up killing 2 police officers and 2 SWAT team members exercising his right to resist against a repressive system know as the State. The state which in the African community inside current US borders comes in the form of the police which African people encounter every day. The Uhuru Movement held him up as a shining example of resistance that should be taken more often.

Since the occurrence of Lovelle we continue to see this trend all over the country and even the world of African people coming to rebel against the status quo. The DC area is no different, with 27 years old Trevlyn Terrell Hilton being the latest example on Thanksgiving Day. Resident of Oxon Hill Md. a suburb of DC in Prince Georges County, Trevlyn sped from the Takoma Park city police after pigs allegedly attempted to pull him over for a traffic stop. It can be assumed that Trevlyn knew by experience in some shape or form the brutal terror that the police impose on the community and ran fearing for his own safety. Trevlyn running off the road in Silver Spring in Montgomery County was forced to jump for his vehicle and run on foot.

Trevlyn Terrell Hilton404812515875While being pursued Trevlyn exchanged gun fire with the cop that was following him. Then he attempted to take a hostage. While neither was hit and the hostage was let go, Trevlyn turned himself over after physiological warfare was used in the form of negotiations. Perhaps also, Trevlyn being overwhelmed by States monopoly on violence with an entire organized police force armed with lethal weapons against him while he stands alone.

Trevlyn is currently being held in Montgomery county concentration camps with no bond for attempted first degree murder, 2 counts of attempted first degree assault, and use of a handgun in a violent crime.

Imperialist media is capitalizing on the imposed fear of our own community as a reason for more police which have always had a relationship of brutality in our community, even going as far facilitating the assassination of our leaders such as Fred Hampton Sr. whose anniversary just passed on December 4th. They are using a one sided story from the police department to criminalize him and raise public opinion that African people deserve to be in prison attempting to put the dragon behind bars.

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement says we need economic development, and not police containment. If the government wanted to get rid of crime they would have a war on poverty instead of a war on crime which translates into a war on black people. Most crime in our community is drug related. Drugs which is something that has been imposed by the US government through the CIA with Heroin in the 60’s and Crack in the 80’s. We say the rock house is the white house, and uncle same is the pusher man. If you want to find the real criminals just check the city hall.

We don’t want Trevlyn behind bars, we want him in the streets so he can be given the proper education and organized into revolutionary organization that will equip him to contend against the state in the interests of all our people.

When it comes to crime Africans are pawns in a game of chess. This is why we say our people must be in a struggle for power. We support resistance to the status quo as it is what keeps us in the colonial bondage we are in.

We Love Lovelle and Trevlyn!

Africans have the Right to Resist

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