African People’s Socialist Party leader Chernoh Alpha M. Bah receives journalism award in Nigeria during West Africa tour

Freetown, Sierra Leone, Feb. 15, 2010—Chernoh Alpha M. Bah, Interim Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party-Sierra Leone (APSP-SL), departed for Lagos, Nigeria, today where he will be the honored guest at the West Africa Media Forum and Awards Conference.

The trip to Lagos is the first leg of a 3-country tour by the Party leader in West Africa.

While in Lagos Comrade Bah will also attend this year’s Regional Workshop on Economic and Financial Analysis for Journalists organized by the West African Institute for Financial & Economic Management (WAIFEM).

Held at the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Training Centre, Satellite Town, the WAIFEM workshop is part of the effort of ECOWAS member states to build and promote the idea of a common currency for West Africa.

This conference will discuss the question of development of grassroots initiatives for economic integration in the West Africa region.

Comrade Bah will depart Lagos on February 21 for Cameroon where he is scheduled to hold discussions with opposition leaders, journalists, students and African activists in that country.

The Cameroon visit is also part of an effort to asses the questions of cross border protection, human rights and African unity.

On Feb. 23 Comrade Bah will depart Cameroon for Ghana where he will meet with members of the Socialist Forum of Ghana and other African activists in that country.

Comrade Bah will equally discuss the question of democracy and the need for socialism on the continent.

He will also provide a briefing on the socialist struggle in Sierra Leone and the need for African revolutionaries and progressives to participate in the African Socialist International (ASI).

Chairman Chernoh Alpha M. Bah is also Director of Organization of the African Socialist International (ASI), the worldwide movement for the liberation and unification of Africa under an all-African socialist government.

He is also an award-wining journalist and the one time editor of Concord Times and the Critique News International Magazine. He is also media consultant for several media organizations in Africa, Europe and the United States.

Forward to a socialist democracy in Sierra Leone!

James Koroma (Dr.)


African People's Socialist Party (APSP)


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