African People’s Socialist Party joins other oppressed peoples for anti-imperialist conference in Holland

Since the successful July 2004 conference to build the African Socialist International in London, African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) Chairman, Omali Yeshitela, has been busy mobilizing the African world to take up the most critical challenge before our eyes: overturning the imperialist verdict that has enslaved Africa, dispersed and enslaved its children around the world, stolen our labor and built, on our backs, a new economic world order known as capitalism.

This new world economy brought democratic rights, material wealth and social progress to white people and their allies, whilst pushing Africans into extreme poverty for over 500 years.

In November, the Chairman and several Party members were in Holland, where they attended an anti-imperialist conference in Eindhoven, Holland.

At the time of the conference, the atmosphere in Holland was high. While the Chairman was there, the white press reported intense violent attacks on the Muslim population by white people. These attacks were happening with the support of the government, which had been making vicious verbal attacks against non-white people.

These attacks had become intensified with the death of white film director Theo Van Gogh. Van Gogh had been killed by a member of the Muslim community in response, it seems, to a short film broadcast on television earlier that year and designed to focus attention on the abuse of women by Muslim men — featuring images of a half-naked woman with passages from the Koran painted on her body.

One report read, “The Netherlands is in an ongoing crisis of racial and religious violence. In just one week the country has seen the apparently religiously inspired murder of a well-known filmmaker and some 20 attempted arson attacks on mosques and churches, including one serious bomb incident.”

Between November 10 and 14 the APSP, led by Chairman Omali Yeshitela, attended the conference which was organized by the International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS) Second International Assembly, an organization opened to all nationalities and led by Philipino freedom fighter Jose Simpson.

It was part of the conscious effort of the APSP to achieve the following strategic goals: 1) win international solidarity for the worldwide African Liberation Movement; 2) win recognition and support for national liberation movements inside the U.S.; 3) Oppose making imperialist democracies better democracies; 4) Win support for reparations for Africans in the U.S.; 5) Isolate U.S. imperialism as the strategic enemy of all peoples of the world.

“Holland was a testing ground for our theory. It was powerful and on the cutting edge. The invincibility of the theory of African internationalism was obvious at all of the conferences we attended.”

Party members took part in work shops covering these numerous subjects: the cause of national liberation, democracy and social liberation against imperialism and all reaction; defense of human rights at the collective and individual levels in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural fields; and rights of indigenous peoples, national minorities and nationalities for self-determination and decolonization, against discrimination, racism, caste-ism and national oppression perpetrated by imperialism and local reaction. In these workshops, Party members were able to intervene and influence the conference for the long term interests of our revolution.

Our presence is part of the process to re-establish our independent and revolutionary voice in the world using African Internationalism, the scientific theory of the African working class often referred to as “Yeshitelism” after its author Omali Yeshitela.

Holland was a testing ground for our theory. It was powerful and on the cutting edge. The invincibility of the theory of African internationalism was obvious at all of the conferences we attended.

The white left that tried to stand in our way by resisting the demand for reparations and the necessity to recognize and support national liberation movements in the U.S. was defeated each time.

The conference was attended by forces from India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Iran, Turkey, and white leftists people from Holland, USA, Germany, Belgium, Britain, Spain, and from Japan.

Our party’s presence was a success for the African proletariat, as we began securing allies for our liberation struggle that has entered into its final stage. This must lead to a situation where every progressive newspaper is won to the political and material support of the ASI process as they actively denounce U.S. policies everywhere.

Build the African Socialist International!



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