African People’s Socialist Party adds new leadership to fill critical organizational role

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Sateesh Rogers, African People’s Socialist Party Director of Organization

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — On November 21 of last year, some four months after a determination of the Party’s Central Committee, 21-year-old Sateesh Rogers was added to the Central Committee of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP).

While the national leadership of the Party is normally elected at the Party’s Congress, the Party’s Constitution allows for members to be brought onto the Central Committee through a process of co-optation by the Central Committee between congresses.

The selection of Comrade Sateesh for the Central Committee had unanimous support from the Central Committee and has been enthusiastically supported by the Party’s rank and file since its announcement.

Mafrika Sateesh will assume the responsibility of Director of Organization, an extremely important role that has been unoccupied within the Party’s leadership for a long time. The fact that this position has been vacant has led to a deterioration of democratic centralism, the main organizational principle of the Party.

Comrade Sateesh will join Chairman Omali Yeshitela and others of the Central Committee on the Party’s executive committee known as the Political Bureau, the committee within the Central Committee that has responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the Party between Central Committee meetings.

Even at the age of 21, Sateesh has participated in organizing for the Party in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; London, England; and Azania (South Africa). He is currently a critical component of the Party’s work in Tampa, Florida that is defending residents of a public housing project and the African community from powerful land speculators and the Tampa Housing Authority who are attempting to displace the African community of Central Park.

Sateesh joined the Party from Hampton University in Virginia where he led the struggle against the police murder of a young African in the community of Newport News. He is among the many young Africans of his generation who are being drawn into political life by the current world situation that threatens to deny them a future.

Like many other young Africans, Sateesh has been pushed into militant resistance. However, unlike most of them, he has decided that resistance without direction is essentially meaningless. He has taken his militancy and attached it to the revolutionary program and discipline of the African People’s Socialist Party. He has attached his militancy to a struggle for the liberation and unification of Africa and her scattered children under the leadership of the African working class aligned with the poor peasantry.

A consistent contributor to the Party’s journal, The Burning Spear, a tireless organizer and dynamic speaker, Mafrika Sateesh is a welcome addition to the revolutionary arsenal of the Central Committee of the African People’s Socialist Party and the struggle for our liberation and national redemption.

Izwe Lethu I Afrika!

(Africa is our land!)


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