African Martyr’s Day in Huntsville, AL. honored and Declared March 1st Mafundi Lake Day.

It was February 21, 1965 that Malcolm X was assassinated. Malcolm was one of Africa’s greatest patriots in our struggle for liberation.

We must hold up our heroes and heroines who selflessly lived and gave their lives for our liberation. 

The APSP declared February 21 to be African Martyr’s Day to raise up those who worked in the interest of the African working class for Freedom.

On February 24, 2019, the local Huntsville Unit of the African People’s Socialist Party had its African Martyr’s Day at Zenzele Consignment Shop to honor one of Africa’s most courageous soldiers, Mafundi Lake.

The program was attended by Mafundi’s wife Weyni and his daughters Assata and Maia Lake. Comrade Weyni “Carolyn” Lake sung two beautiful songs: “the Freedom Song” and “Strange Fruit.”

Comrade Weyni gave brief commentary before each song bringing the crowd to tears. She discussed the Love Mafundi had for his people and his family.

She reflected on how the Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) came to the aide of her family and Mafundi when he was incarcerated without hesitation.

She said “this is when most others were just talking and asking questions”. She stated “It was like the Chairman just knew what to do, what we needed and made it happen.

That meant so much to me and my family. The Chairman and the Party has always been there and we are appreciative.”

The program opened up with African Drumming by “The Tribe” a young African Drum Circle in Huntsville, AL.

The African People’s Socialist Party introduced to Huntsville, Alabama who Mafundi Lake was, although some already knew of him. Mafundi’s boldness was noted and many Africans leave prison looking for the APSP because of the political education and organizing that Mafundi lead in the Alabama prisons.

Mafundi Lake born March 1, 1940, passed away in prison January 21, 2018. Mafundi was a political prisoner for over 40 years but he never wavered.

He was organizing to the very the end, his family with him every step of the way. The Chairman wrote in memory of Mafundi, “It is not often that one has an opportunity to speak well of the departed with honesty.

It is not often that a family has such a heroic figure whose life can be celebrated as one that was selflessly and heroically given in the service of the people.”

Assata Lake, Mafundi’s daughter spoke briefly after the crowd pushed to hear from the family.

She stated, “We thank the African People’s Socialist Party for honoring our father. Maia my sister is Chairman Omali’s goddaughter.

“I appreciate this event because we don’t get out much but this makes me feel like we have to be more involved. We don’t feel like we missed out on anything while our father was locked up because he was always there.

“He would write us every day, call and we visited. He would check on our grades and how we were doing in school. He was not an absent father. He was very active in our lives.”

The APSP presented the family with the lifetime achievement award of courage, high morale and high discipline to Mafundi Lake.

The Regional APSP and Local Unit passed a resolution that declared March 1 Mafundi Lake Day. The Southern Region of the APSP and the family projected to build a great Mafundi Lake Day on March 1, 2020 in Birmingham, AL—Mafundi’s hometown.

The family appreciated and was brought to tears when presented with the award and declaration of Mafundi Lake Day. Weyni Lake stated, “Thank you to the African People’s Socialist Party and the leadership of Chairman Omali.”

Long Live Mafundi Lake

Forward the African Revolution!!!

We Are Winning!!!


Kobina Bantushago
Southern Regional Representative
African People’s Socialist Party


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