African Liberation Day – Occupied Azania (South Africa): Onward to building the African People’s Socialist Party in Azania!

Occupied Azania—The African People’s Socialist Party – Occupied Azania is happy to announce that the very first African Liberation Day (ALD) in Occupied Azania (South Africa) and possibly the entire African continent was successfully held!

We held our historic ALD celebration on the 27th of May, 2017. The events leading up to it saw us struggling within our Movement to get organizers to assist in work like agitation and propaganda and logistics as well as meeting new forces that held the fort even though they had just learned about the Uhuru Movement. Although these were contradictions (both negative and positive), we succeeded in our objective.

We held the celebration at Kagiso in Gauteng Province on Saturday from 8 AM to 3:30 PM. African people came from Johannesburg and Kagiso itself, Fochville and the Vaal. The African People’s Socialist Party had been preparing this event for three months and was able to put up posters, social media as well as spread the word tactically wherever its members were.

The Day

On the cool morning of May 27th, the African community of Fochville was were the event took place, with oranges being served in the morning per person arriving as well as a seat in the venue being designated.

A projector and sound system was set up, playing videos of comrades Kalambayi Andenet, Akilé Anai, Gazi Kodzo, Luwezi Kinshasa and others educating our people and motivating them to see the future we are headed to as a nation.

The new faces lit up at these developments that morning.

Following the video presentations, comrade Zakhele, Director of Recruitment and Membership of the APSP- Azania thanked everyone for their presence and announced that this was what our Movement was about.

The next feature of the event was a playlist of short selected videos of Chairman Omali Yeshitela on African Liberation Day and videos by the Party on how to build organization and why it is important to build the Party in Occupied Azania.

This was part of the main attractions in our event, getting to learn from the leaders of the Uhuru Movement. Sister Phumla Nkantsu, our photographer took videos and pictures of the whole event and captured the emotion of the room.

There was also an impassioned presentation by National Chairman, Tafarie Mugeri or the fiery hip hop performance of General Nobody RBG (comrade Asa Anpu’s alter ego) at the end of the event.


Sifiso Shazi our new comrade from KwaZulu Natal residing in Joburg, as well as Asa Anpu from the Vaal, came up for testimonials.

Just like in church where people stand up and say what magic they’d experienced from a deity, the MC called forth comrades that had a history with the Party and how the Party had changed their lives personally.

Brother Sifiso had said that he felt like he saw a future for us as a nation and was happily surprised at how warmly African Internationalists are towards the people and how he felt welcome. As a brother from KZN, he had no idea that the divisions that white power has put forward did not count in the new world. This got deafening applause from the crowd.

Uhuru Buzz Words

Afterwards, a quiz based on African Internationalist definitions––Uhuru Buzz Words––was formulated. The attendees were grouped into pairs and then given copies of The Burning Spear to read definitions from the Uhuru Buzz Words section in five minutes.

Presented by our MC, Zakhele Mkhondo and with brothers Tafarie and Asa Anpu passing material around. Spears were taken back and then questions were asked by Zakhele with the the groups given a chance to answer as correct as possible whatever definition we asked of them with the winners getting applause as well as a prize from the Party (a mint copy of The Burning Spear from the previous year).

Laughter and warmth exuded from the people, seeing that the definitions were very close to home and easy to understand.

National Chairman of the African Socialist International on the history of African resistance and the African Liberation Day

From this exercise most of the people in the room got themselves a copy of The Spear and this was good because it meant they could now educate others as well as themselves on what it means to be revolutionary.

From this segment we came to Chairman Tafarie Mugeri’s presentation (here we had made the error of not reading the African pledge as we had planned); regardless, our brother stepped up and delivered on his items, giving the masses in attendance the clarity on why we say we are African and what our legacy has been in this war against imperialism ever since 1415.

Comrade Tafarie is a teacher by profession and this worked to his advantage and to ours because it felt like we were in class but under a revolutionary teacher! This session was followed by Q&A.

Lunch was had after this presentation. The food was home-cooked by the African working class at the Mugeri household and we gave thanks and credit to them for this act of love towards the revolution.

Presentation on ALD and the policy of APSP- Occupied Azania by Asa Anpu

The projector was linked up for the people to see the PowerPoint that comrade Asa Anpu had made. He presented on the history of ALD since 1976 all the way to our Party being built in South Africa in unity with the Uhuru Movement everywhere in the world.

He emphasized the importance of African people building the Party of the black working class and poor peasantry. He also put out the policy rejecting the borders in our land and in our brains with the policy: “We are not South Africans! We are Africans!”

General Nobody RBG and Closing

After the Q&A, Anpu switched over to General Nobody RBG and encouraged the people to sign up to join the APSP – Azania and build Party units where we are.

He then performed songs from his upcoming Mixtape “1992 2 2DAY: The Right to Resist” and sisters and brothers got hyped up as the brother sang “Death to White Power,” “Black Woman” and “Moneypulation”––all songs based on African Internationalist theory.

This was a day to remember and was only the beginning of our progress and outreach in the community as the African People’s Socialist Party.

We gave credit and thanks to the people for being here with us and for their time and then ensured that we had everything in place so we could contact them and ensure everyone’s safety.

This is the African People’s Socialist Party in action!

Izwe Lethu i Afrika!

We are not South Africans! We are Africans!

Build the APSP in South Africa!

Build the ASI worldwide!



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