African Liberation Day 2015 in Nassau, Bahamas

On May 30 2015, mindful Africans gathered as we celebrated African Liberation Day (ALD). The struggle is not yet over, so the spirit offight must endure in the consciousness of Africans all over the world as we acknowledge this most important and reverent day.

The celebration was held in the E.P. Roberts Primary School auditorium under the theme “Revolutionary Organization Equals The Only Solution For Poor and Working Class Africans.”

It was hosted by the African People’s Socialist Party Bahamas under the leadership of its Chairman Alex Morley, who also represents the Caribbean Front of the African Socialist International (ASI).

The event was well attended by a diverse audience which included members of the Muslim community, members of the Qubtic Church of the Black Messiah, Christians and members of the House of RasTafari.

The keynote address by Brother Alex was powerful, moving and thought provoking.

He informed the audience of the significance of ALD and of the struggles Africans face all over the world. Brother Alex clearly explained how Africans are involved in a parasitic relationship with European capitalism and why this relationship must end now!

“Revolutionary Organization Equals the Only Solution For Poor and Working Class Africans,” was shown by Brother Alex to truly be the answer and solution to end our centuries long colonial relationship with imperialism.

Brother Alex told all in atten­dance of the need to have true community unity.

He also spoke about the need for Black Community Control of the Police and why it is crucial for the African working class to get involved in the political process.

He spoke of the objectives and ideals of the APSP Bahamas and why we as Africans should join and support the Party’s objective to lead African people to freedom and self-government.

A question and answer period took place at the end of Brother Alex’s message, and he addressed and answered the concerns and questions presented by members of the audience. Afterwards, the audience was entertained by Bahamian artist Jah Doctrine, who rendered a musical selection accompanied by Ras Ital Starr. Jah Doctrine performed while a very unique dance routine was performed by Ras Ital Starr.

Comrades make solidarity statements of commitment
Various organizations and community leaders presented solidarity statements to show their commitment and appreciation of ALD.

Most notably was the statement of Ms. Yosalidy Lopez, Third Secretary of the Cuban Embassy in The Bahamas. She spoke of the philosophy of a great Cuban leader who stated that “as long as one person was unhappy that there was work to be done.” She summed it all up with the use of one word, “humanism!”

There was a call for money by Sister Charo Walker Morley, Deputy Chair and Economic Development Coordinator of APSP Bahamas. The response was encouraging as all in attendance were not only informed of the amount collected, but were also shown how such resources are being spent to further African liberation.

The celebration concluded with refreshments and a brief social as those in attendance mingled and conversed about ALD and about the injustices within our nation.

The celebration was successful by any measure as the turnout was better than anticipated. We are building for an even grander event next year.

Long live African Liberation Day! UHURU!

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