AAPDEP’s 5th ward community garden gets makeover

HOUSTON – A few months ago, our local All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) unit reported to Uhuru News that AAPDEP’s 5th Ward Community Garden was victimized first by a long drought and then by torrential rains we had here in Texas.
We have put an effort into replanting seeds in our garden, so fresh and new produce can begin to grow.
Our team members worked very hard at tilling, making rows and clearing the area thoroughly.
We have planted seeds such as broccoli, spinach, beets, kale, peppers, carrots and 13 rows of mustard greens.
We put pride and hard work into making this garden the best it can be for producing food. We did this by taking time each day to work in our garden.
We are committed to making the AAPDEP garden work.
Our plan is to sell most of the produce we grow to neighborhood families.
We are going to start a vegetable and fruit stand as part of the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace where people in the neighborhood can purchase the vegetables and fruit we grow.
We would also like to invite anybody who wants to come out and volunteer to help work in the garden.
We also ask people to make financial donations to help us make the 5th Ward Community Garden a success.
Come by and visit our garden and our members!
AAPDEP 5th Ward Community Garden
3707 Brill Street, Houston, Texas 77026
Phone: 832-292-1734

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