AAPDEP to build its first major economic institution! Enter the contest!

The All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP)  is excited to announce plans to build our first major economic institution–a consignment resale boutique. 

The boutique, which is slated to open in Huntsville, Alabama in 2015, will consign gently used designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, art and home décor.

Our store will cater to the new generation of forward thinkers, people who believe in sustainability, want to contribute to building a new world where all people can live in prosperity and are also on the cutting edge of new trends and styles.

AAPDEP is an African-led non-profit organization of the Uhuru Movement.  Our mission is:

“To collectivize the vast skills of Africans around the world in order to establish community-based development projects that improve the quality of life for African people everywhere while promoting self-reliance and self-determination as key to genuine, sustainable development.”

Since 2007, AAPDEP members have built dynamic health care, educational and agricultural programs in Africa and the United States.  In resource-rich Sierra Leone, where one in 10 children is at risk of dying before the age of one and one in eight women are at risk of dying in childbirth, AAPDEP has build a community maternity clinic, developed skills training programs and multi-acre vegetable farms.

AAPDEP works in African communities throughout the U.S. building backyard garden collectives and community gardens in an effort to address the issues of nutrition and food security in this period of major cutbacks in food programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).


Our boutique will also house our international office and will serve as the place where our members, donors, supporters and the community at large will be able to concretely connect to the everyday work we do as an organization.

Starting today we are launching a naming contest for our boutique.

That’s right! AAPDEP is leaving it to YOU, the people, the idea makers to come up with the name for our boutique!  The name must embody and support AAPDEP’s mission.  It must represent Africa and African people worldwide.

The winning selection gets $50 and recognition in The Burning Spear newspaper, UhuruNew.com and on AAPDEP's website. All submissions can be emailed to: nameit@developmentforafrica.org.  Submissions can also be sent via regular mail to:

AAPDEP Naming Contest

PO Box 17014

Huntsville, AL 35810

The contest ends on Tuesday, June 17. The winner will be announced at the end of the APSP Cadre Intensive on August 9, 2014.

Please visit our website for full contest details.

We look forward to receiving your entries and for your continued support of our work!



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