AAPDEP-SL gaining momentum after the return of the AAPDEP international delegates

Following the return of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project's (AAPDEP's) International Delegates to their respective countries, the doctors and nurses associated with AAPDEP health projects in Sierra Leone held a strategic meeting to lay out a plan for reducing the level of infant and maternal mortality and other health contradictions in Sierra Leone.
During this meeting, they vowed to do everything humanly possible to ensure AAPDEP’s success within the country.
The understanding is that while doing this work, they will continue to build the human capacity as a means to spread the goal of liberating and unifying Africa under the leadership of the African working class.
This is a critical component of the struggle to overthrow imperialism and all its manifestations.
The establishment of the AAPDEP School of Nursing will serve as a supporting foundation to bring together organizers and activists to build black power in our own hands through self-determination, something that the school’s management is ready to take on.
Mokanji AAPDEP Vocational Training Institute

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Mokanji is a community that has been neglected by the Sieromco Mining Company and the government of Sierra Leone.
AAPDEP Sierra Leone has decided to revive development in that community by rehabilitating an old structure that was abandoned during the war into a vocational training institute.
The community is very happy about this, which enhances our own ability to build power in our own hands through self-reliance and empowerment.
AAPDEP working to bring food security and self-sustainability, a right of every community

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In various communities where AAPDEP operates in Sierra Leone, our members are involved in different forms of agricultural projects such as high land and swamp land cultivation as well as fishing.
This work has enabled the Gbangbatoke and Moriba town branches to establish self-sustaining community gardens and construction of artisan fishing boats.
For more information on AAPDEP, visit www.developmentforafrica.org
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