AAPDEP: Project Black Ankh Takes to the Streets

SIERRA LEONE – The following is a Project Black Ankh: Ebola Response in Sierra Leone, update from AAPDEP forces.  It describes the community outreach and sensitization programs initiated by AAPDEP as a way to educate communities about some of the real threats of this disease.  This involved radio and street outreach.

March 26-April 26: Radio Sensitization

Two radio stations were targeted, African Young Voices Radio (AYV) and Star Radio because of their wider courage in Sierra Leone.

 Key messages in the jingles includes prevention from Ebola and fight against stigmatization of Ebola survivors:

  • Ebola is real and have killed many thousands of people.
  • Avoid eating bush meat
  • Avoid touching dead bodies
  • Avoid coming in contact with people who become sick with Ebola
  • Call 117 for medical team immediately you experience high fever and other systems
  • Always wash hands with soap and clean water
  • Support Ebola survivors
  •  Don’t discriminate against them

“This message is brought to you from All African Empowerment and Development Project (AAPDEP) who have lunched project Ankh to fight against Ebola disease in Sierra Leone.”

The jingles were aired for a period of one month from 26th March – 26th April 2015 in those two radio stations as a sensitization campaign.

April 1, 2015: Community Drama

1.  Community Drama is through street by street sensitization using comedians for counseling and passing on the message to those communities.

  • This process is completed and was done for week in targeted communities especially in market places, packs etc.
  • The Community Drama was also geared towards the fight against stigmatization and prevention from Ebola and raising awareness.  

2.  The Sierra Leone government launched a three day stay at home mandate. We therefore saw the need to fully participate as community volunteers in sensitization. We were able to mobilize five members who participated in the house to house Ebola zero sensitization although there were challenges in meeting this objective. Members have to walk on foot to cover areas of responsibilities. But we knew this work must be done, so we stayed the course.


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