AAPDEP Houston’s 5th Ward Community Garden members come together, clear land for fall/winter crop

HOUSTON—On Saturday, September 6, members of Houston's All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) spent the entire day preparing to plant this year’s fall crop.

With plenty of water, juice, and fruit on hand and the pit smoking for the days end meal, workers grabbed equipment from shovels to the big tiller and begin clearing the field.

The garden was cleared of what remained of the old summer crop and areas that had been overgrown with grass and brush.

Peppers, okra, and egg plants were still producing, so those plants were allowed to remain and will be nourished along with the fall/winter crop.

The sugar cane plants are also still growing quite well.

The old plants from the garden will be used as compost which we will till into the soil prior to planting on Saturday, September 13th. If you are anywhere in the Houston area come out and give us a hand.

Workers did get a break during the blistering 100 degree Houston weather when most came inside to join the online Rally for Ferguson that was being live streamed by Uhuru T.V.

One new first-timer to the AAPDEP work, brother Kaleem, brought a Bluetooth system with speaker that allowed for everyone to listen to the live stream with the audio of a theater.

Following the rally, workers went right back to the garden.

Before the day was over, a splendid job of clearing all the raised beds and all the rows had been done.

On next Saturday we will till in the compost and organic fertilizer into the soil.

We will then row it up and plant an assortment of fall/winter vegetables that in a couple of months should be food.

One of our major concerns going forward is to develop a concise marketing and distribution system.

This is an ongoing agenda item in the local meeting that is surely to be resolved.

Houston AAPDEP’s Vice Chair, Ashira Adwoa also initiated a beautification project where an assortment of flowers and fruit trees will grace the front of the garden.

A Big hands up to the entire AAPDEP team who came together and made this a successful project.

The barbeque chicken, baked beans, and potato salad turned out to be quite a treat. Everyone ate and enjoyed.

Donations of money, seeds, and garden equipment are needed. Contact: houston@developmentforafrica.org

Build the 5th Ward Community Garden!
Build the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project!

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