AAPDEP community garden in Houston, Texas

HOUSTON–On Sunday, March 14, 2010, members and supporters of the All African People's Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) gathered in 5th Ward of Houston, Texas for its opening project, a "Time To Till." The Time to Till was the initial step in AAPDEP's effort to build a viable community garden, food co-op and flea market which will serve the African community in Houston.

They came with rakes and shovels, hoes and sharpshooters, gloves and water, and different other assortments of tools necessary to turn over the earth initially and prepare it for planting.
In addition they came with two gas operated tillers. One large one, one small one. But more than these tools, they came with determination that they would accomplish their organization's mandate to build this project and serve their people and their movement.
It was an astonishing accomplishment. Even the neighbors who did not participate on Sunday expressed how proud they were in the people they saw working together and enjoying each other's company, despite being on their knees and sweating. Even after the group left, other neighbors came and tilled some more, and others came and said they would be there this Sunday, and others wanted to volunteer seeds, plants, and just wanted to know what they could do to help.
This effort led by Houston-AAPDEP officers, Michael Bey, Danielle Ross, James Coleman, and community garden coordinator Bradd Charles, as they say was the "first step in a journey of a thousand miles." And if Sunday's work was any indication, it will not take this group too long to journey those thousand miles. The process even picked up a new member as they worked. Houston AAPDEP is well on its way.
The group will also be out this Sunday (March 21) with their tools and refreshments. We are still calling on volunteers, donations of tools and money, or whatever way you think you can help. If you are not in the Houston area, please send in a cash donation or items you think we can use at our pending flea market.
These items can be sent to 3611 Elmwood Dale Drive, Fresno, Texas 77545.  The gardening site is at 3707 Brill St. in Houston's Fifth Ward. For more information contact: Omowale Kefing at 713-670-0443, Bradd Charles at 713-261-0217, or Mike Bey at 281-979-4601.



http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/ground1_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilled1_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling01_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling02_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling03_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling04_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling05_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling06_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling07_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling08_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling09_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling10_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling11_072dpi_400w.jpg />

http://www.uhurufiles.org/image-library/uhuru-movement/aapdep/20100314_houston_garden/072dpi/tilling12_072dpi_400w.jpg />


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