A Letter to the Editor: “United We Stand”

Dear Burning Spear,
It has been some time since I last wrote to you. I have been really busy with filing motions trying to get my case back in court.
Anyhow, I want to thank you for blessing me with your newspaper. Yes it has been very inspiring and motivational on this journey.
I am saddened every time I sit and watch the news and watch helplessly as our people are killed. So I picked up my pen and used it as an outlet to be heard.
United We Stand was the result of my pen, and turmoil of my mind. We have seen and witnessed many changes here in America, but now it’s time for the ultimate change, which is True Freedom.
I will live, fight, and die for the Liberation of Freedom. So until pen touch paper again, please enjoy (United We Stand).
                                                            Still Standing Firm,
                                                            Donald Bruce
                                                            Liberty Correctional Institution
                                                            Bristol, FL

“United We Stand”

As I sit and watch
the five o’clock evening news,
I see my people being murdered
like Hitler murdered the Jews,
They are killing us without a cause
and killing us at will just because,
For the color of my biological
black African skin,
We’re in a fight for our life
until the very tragic end,
We have been marked for destruction
and sentenced to death,
Running is no longer an option
its become bad for our health,
he said, he reached for his taser
but he was shot by his gun,
He’s a hunter with a badge
and we are deer on the run,
Is there any soul solutions
to life’s straight up madness,
Everyday I look around me
so many faces are full of sadness,
Marting Luther had a dream
and Malcolm had a vision,
They were both assasinated
so we’d abort their missions,
We have turned the other cheek
for the last and final time,
Get up off your feeble knees
praying and constantly crying,
We don’t need no Jesse Jackson’s
and no more Al Sharpton’s either,
Cause it’s like sitting and watching
another rerun of Leave It To Beaver,
It’s time to fight for our freedom
get up and take a stand,
This message is for every
black child, woman, and man,
Death is promised to all of us
so let’s die with dignity, honor, and respect,
Anyone thats reading this poem
could very well be the very next,
Fight fire with fire
yes it’s the American way
cause killing my people for sport
damn sho ain’t okay,
By any means necessary
thats our only true survival,
An eye for an eye
is quoted in the Old Testament Bible,
Let’s march down to the polls
and elect some black public officials,
It’s time that our voices are heard
in America’s justice judicial,
The more that I slip and fall
still I shall continue to rise,
Remember that this revolution
will be live and televised…
Donald Bruce can be reached at: Donald Bruce #4193509, Liberty Correctional Institute, Bristol, FL.
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