A Day in Solidarity with African People: Reparations in Action!

US president Obama claims we live in a “post-racial America.”
But the reality is that African people in this country have only 10 cents for every dollar that white people have; half of the 2.3 million people in US prisons are Africans; and the police murder and brutalize African communities with impunity every day.
The truth is there are two Americas, one living at the expense of the other.
By standing as allies with the just movement for the liberation of Africa and African people worldwide, the African People’s Solidarity Committee is waging a national campaign to build “A Day in Solidarity with African People.”
With the theme, “Beyond Obama: Seeking Real Solutions to the Growing Racial Divide in the U.S.” African People’s Solidarity Day events are taking place in the following cities:
San Diego, CA: Wednesday, Sept 16, 7pm at the South Sudanese Community Center, 4077 Fairmount Ave, San Diego, CA;
» Watch video of the San Diego event
Oakland, CA: Sunday, Sept 19, 1 to 7pm, Humanist Hall, 390 – 27th St;
St. Petersburg, FL: Wednesday, Sept 29, 6pm, Studio@620, 620 1st Ave. S;
Philadelphia, PA: Sat, Nov 6, 1 to 7pm, First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut St.
Additional solidarity events are expected to also take place in Miami and Gainesville, FL.
The African People’s Solidarity Day events are part of APSC’s campaign, “Reparations in Action,” fundraisers for the work of the Uhuru Movement, which include the annual Uhuru Holiday Pie Campaign, held in Oakland and St. Petersburg, the work to build the community kitchen and recording studio at the St. Petersburg Uhuru House, and the annual holiday online auction.
The solidarity day events will feature Uhuru Movement leader Chairman Omali Yeshitela and African People’s Solidarity Committee Chairwoman Penny Hess, among other speakers. Workshops will be held on how African liberation will change the world, the struggle in Haiti, why combating racism won’t make change and why we must stop the US war on the black community.

African People’s Solidarity Day: End our isolation from African, oppressed peoples

The African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) was formed by the African People’s Socialist Party in 1976 to organize genuine solidarity from the North American or white community with the movement for the liberation of Africa and African people led by the African working class.
Although APSC has held African People’s Solidarity Days (APSD) many times over the years, this campaign has now been officially mandated to be an annual event by the new Constitution of the African People’s Socialist Party adopted at the Fifth Congress that took place in July of 2010.
Goals of APSD include raising resources—reparations—from the white population to the African Revolution and winning white people to understand that our genuine interest lies in standing in solidarity with the liberation struggle of African and oppressed peoples around the world.
In his Political Report to the Congress, Chairman Omali Yeshitela called APSC “the vanguard of the Party’s work to explain to the alienated sectors of the North American population the basis of the chaos that causes them so much anxiety.”
Chairman Omali went on to explain that the prosperity of the white population, who experience the highest standard of living in the world, is based on the theft of the land, labor and resources of the majority of humanity.
“The North Americans,” the Chairman wrote, “like most Europeans, assume they have some idea of the basis of the contradictions because of the fantasies passed on to them historically about the source of their comparative wealth and ‘good fortune.’….
“Nevertheless, those are resources stolen from others that have become increasingly difficult for them to afford in their malls and supermarket. It is somebody else’s oil, wrenched from the earth with bloody consequences, for which they now have to pay more.
“The bauxite, coltan, gold and diamonds along with the cocoa beans, cotton and cheaply produced clothing have cost the rest of us dearly and our combined struggles to seize control of our lives and resources are affecting the ability of North Americans and other Europeans to enjoy a parasitic economy that requires global misery for an oasis of white happiness.”
The Days in Solidarity with African People aim to give white people the vision that by standing in solidarity with the movement for African liberation, we can end our isolation from the rest of the world’s population and “survive to participate in a new world free from oppression and exploitation.”
A Day in Solidarity with African People challenges the idea that an opposition to racism will solve the contradictions created by US imperialism and demands that white progressives quit the self-serving movements for charity and against “racism,” which do not change the political and economic relationship of colonial domination of African people and join in solidarity with the worldwide movement of African people for liberation and reparations.
The Reparations in Action campaign takes this message to the homes, workplaces and streets for North Americans to embrace. APSC is inviting North Americans to take the Pledge of Solidarity and contribute funds to the Uhuru Movement, to organize a house event or fundraiser, to win friends and family to sponsor you.
As part of Reparations in Action, the African People’s Solidarity Committee is also building the 30th annual Uhuru Holiday Pies campaign, which is a fundraiser for the African People’s Education and Defense Fund.
This year Uhuru Pies is building for massive November pie sales in Oakland, CA and St. Petersburg, FL. Historically, Uhuru Pies has been a way that the North American population has enthusiastically participated in supporting the economic development programs of the Uhuru Movement.

Get involved in Reparations in Action!

Build a Day in Solidarity with African People!

Support Uhuru Pies!

For information on how you can build the African People’s Solidarity Committee and be part of Reparations in Action, see www.apscuhuru.org


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