Another Imperialist bloodbath in Benin, DR Congo─Not a single voice of protest from the United Nations

On the nights September 22 and 23, 2018, at least 17 Africans were brutally assassinated with machetes and knives, wounding and mutilating many more.

Multinational media corporations such as CNN, BBC, RFI, Reuters and others are conveniently silent.

This recurring neocolonial violence against the African masses in Eastern Congo has already caused nearly 5,000 deaths since 2014.

In the Beni territory, our workers, peasants, women, elders and our children are regularly slaughtered and raped. Our bodies are chopped or eviscerated like in medieval Europe.

A few days after these horrific atrocities, on September 25, in front of the United Nations (U.N.) assembly, Joseph Kabila, as expected, displayed his usual unemotional plastic face, and ignored the Congo genocide with its over 8 million people dead.

He used the U.N. assembly conference, as the world stage to show his abominable disdain of the African working class.

On the contrary, his love for the representatives of status quo was boundless. He indeed first paid tribute to Kofi Anan, the U.S puppet’s secretary general at the United Nations, who covered up for the U.S genocides in Africa, notably in Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, and the Congo.

Then, he took time to recognize Antonio Guterres, the current secretary general, and also the election of María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés from Ecuador as the president of the 73rd U.N.’s national assembly.

Kabila mentioned the massacres in Beni in passing; it was just a footnote in his insignificant speech at the U.N.conference.

There cannot be peace under neocolonialism

Joseph Kabila lied in his speech at the U.N. conference when he affirmed that “peace was consolidated in the centre of the country.” The figures of neocolonial terror in Kasai do not need any comments:  “Since August 2016, nearly 5,000 people have been killed in Kasai, and more than 1.4 million people have been displaced…. Attacks on civilians continue in Kasai and there is a risk of further intensification, as the underlying causes of the violence have not been resolved …today, nearly 4.5 million people throughout DR Congo have been displaced.

Since last December, violence has intensified in Ituri Province with terrifying incidents of killings, rapes and beheadings. Civilians also continue to be targeted in the Kivu Provinces where armed groups and security forces have killed more than 460 people and abducted 730 others since January.

In Tanganyika province, more than 200 people have been killed and many villages and IDP camps have been set on fire since the resurgence of violence in mid-2016 (Human Rights Watch 3 July 2018).

U.N. soldiers with their $1.4 billion a year budget failed to protect African people in the Congo for nearly 20 years

The U.N. soldiers in the form of MONUSCO (Mission de l’Organisation des Nations Unies pour la stabilisation en République démocratique du Congo in its French acronym) are not there to protect and save the African working class and peasants from neocolonial genocide. This was as true in the sixties as it is today too.

The “S” in the MONUSCO is for stabilization of imperialism in the Congo that is securing the looting and looters of the Congo and prevents the collapse of neocolonialist government, which in the Congo is inexistent in social life of the people.

The Congolese government has ceased to perform its basic functions such as organizing the functioning of hospitals, roads, schools etc…

The forces of MONUSCO always show up when the massacres has been completed to certify that they have truly occurred.

Bourgeois press revealed that until recently, MONUSCO had no solid intelligence about the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and of the local situation in the district of Beni, for the simple reason that MONUSCO’s focus was never the ADF, but rather M23, (a group of Tutsis supported by Kagame’s army) and the Democratic Forces for The Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), (a Hutu’s neocolonial organization banned by the Rwandan government that considers it as a terrorist organization and responsible for the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Since 2014, MONUSCO has shifted from FDLR and other armed groups from Rwanda to focus on ADF, despite frequent reports from locals that many of the massacres were carried out by people who spoke Kinyarwanda, the language from Rwanda.

Kabila‘s army is worse than MONUSCO. Its rank and file soldiers have received orders not to intervene, and any officer who dares to intervene gets a solemn warning of severe consequences for his life from his commanders.

Who are the ADF and why do these massacres keep happening in Beni?

All the killings these days in Beni are blamed on ADF from Uganda. This group, created in the nineties to fight against Museveni’s neocolonial dictatorship in Uganda, has never been a threat to Kampala’s government.

Museveni’s petty bourgeois government, to deflect his brutal policies against its petty bourgeois opposition, has used the ADF.

According to the U.S. Congressional Research Service, “The State Department considers Uganda to be a key regional partner and a valuable ally in combating terrorist threats in the region.”

Indeed, between and overall U.S. military and economic, assistance to Uganda rose steadily from U.S. $77 million to U.S. $399 million.

This included substantial military training, equipment and financing allocations to the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) (Kristof, Ticeta and Daniel Fahey).

Beni is in North Kivu, in East Congo, that possess vast mineral reserves of coltan, the necessary metal needed to make mobile phones, X Boxes, computers and other high tech electronic products.

The success of Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and other parasitic capitalist companies begin in the Congo.

This is where African workers are paid less than a $1 a day to extract minerals at gunpoint, not knowing if they will return home alive or will find their relatives safe when they go back home.

Down with Neo-colonialism!

All Power in the Hands of the African Working Class!

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