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Yearly Archives: 2014

Police murder black man in Reading, U.K.

Aston wanted to explore different countries and raise his two children; instead his life was cut short by the police.

Conference to consolidate the African National Women’s Organization!

One major issue that will be discussed is the impact that colonialism has had on the African family unit. In the U.S. nearly 72 percent of African children are born to single parents, with a majority of them being raised by single mothers. Almost half of African children in Britain are being raised by single parents.

Burning Spear Media Telethon successful!

Four new programs, to be aired on Uhuru Radio, were launched, during the Telethon,: (a) Great Moments in African History (b) Report from Sweden with Makda Yohannes and Sia Aqli (c) Common Ground with Alex Jordann Darby and (d) Revolutionary Health and Fitness with John Thomas.

Mobutu, Ali-Foreman and the music in 1974

Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga was one of the worst African leaders who ever lived. Mobutu had a hand in the deaths of Patrice Lumumba (A Great Son of Africa), Maurice Mpolo and Joseph Okito on January 17, 1961.

Stop and frisk puts Chicago InPDUM member in jail and in mug shot magazine

We want the right to free speech and political association, a guarantee of the right to work for the betterment and emancipation of black people without fear of political imprisonment and loss of life, limb, and livelihood.

National Dialogue: Right of people for self-determination and construction of the multipolar world

International panel discussion “National Dialogue: Right of people for self-determination and construction of the multipolar world”         Moscow, Russia-An event organized by the Anti-globalist movement of Russia will...

Electoral politics and the African vote: Zaki Baruti’s run for St. Louis County executive

Baruti was among the first to go to Canfield Drive where 18-year-old Mike Brownâ s corpse lay face down, decomposing in 100 degree plus heat for four and a half hours after being gunned down by colonial police Darren Wilson.

Strong Black Presence needed to make Black life matter more than green dollars in white hands

  CHICAGO—A Strong Black Presence will be engaged to prove that Black Life Matters more than green dollars in white hands.   A Strong Black Presence is...

In Support of Jefferson City March

“There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to...

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